GGUI 中的 scene.lines 似乎存在bug

在 GGUI 中使用 scene.lines(vertices, width, indices, color, per_vertex_color) 这个函数的时候,出现了
Warning! Odd drawing count will be cut to neast even number 这个警告

我觉得 bug 在于,文档里提到 vertex_count 只有在 indices 没有提供的时候可用。

            vertex_count (int, optional):
                only available when `indices` is not provided, which is the number
                of vertices to draw. There are 2 cases that we will change your
                `vertex_count`. [1] If the `vertex_count` is an odd number, then we
                will change it to `vertex_count` - 1. [2] If `vertex_offset` plus
                `vertex_count` greater than vertices.shape[0], then we will reduce
                `vertex_count` to no more than vertices.shape[0].

python 代码中的逻辑不支持这一点。代码中的逻辑是 vertex_count 在为空的时候,就为 vertices 的个数,与 indices 是否为空没有关系。

        if vertex_count is None:
            vertex_count = vertices.shape[0]
        if index_count is None:
            if indices is None:
                index_count = vertex_count
                index_count = indices.shape[0]
        if vertex_count % 2:
            print("Warning! Odd drawing count will be cut to neast even number")
            vertex_count -= 1