Taichi GLSL - a handy extension library for Taichi

As we all know, Taichi is highly complicated and too heavy builtin can make Taichi buggy and hard to maintain. Therefore, I decided to devote myself for making a extension library for Taichi which make it more handy and better of modularization.

Taichi GLSL is an extension library of Taichi, which provides a set of useful helper functions including but not limited to:

  1. Handy scalar functions like clamp, smoothstep, mix, round.
  2. GLSL-alike vector functions like normalize, distance, reflect.
  3. Well-behaved random generators including randUnit3D, randNDRange.
  4. Handy vector and matrix initializer: vec and mat.
  5. Handy vector component shuffle accessor like v.xy.
  6. More to be added (let me know if you got a good idea!)

[Clike me for documentation]

This forum thread is for discussing issues & polling user experience Taichi GLSL.
You may report bugs, or request a new feature here, contributions are more than welcome!