Proposes to enhance gui.slider()

I tried gui.slider() to change gui interactively, but I think this tool is not very handy in the following aspects:

  1. Can’t set default value.
  2. No indicator showing the current position of the bar.
  3. Value can execeed range [minimum, maximum] when interacting via keyboard.


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Hi, thank you for this proposal! :smiley:
The old GUI system is implemented with CPU thus has poor performance. For the latest version of Taichi, we have added a new feature: GGUI, which is way faster and supports more IMGUI-based widgets like slider! The old GUI system will be deprecated in the future.
To use GGUI, you need to install the Taichi with the v0.8.0 version and follow this guidance:
For now, GGUI is still in an early version thus only supports a few widgets: You can add more widgets you’d like to use in the GGUI. It’s welcome for the contribution!

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