3D print simulation

I am working on making a Taichi Plug in for ROS to simulate 3D printing. DO you have any suggestions how I can get started in getting an stl file of a 3D body and then simulating its 3D print with taichi?

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I’m not sure what you are actually trying to achieve here, and how Taichi could help you here. I’m assuming that you plan to use an SPH simulation of the printed object?

Generally STL is a facet based format. It can be created by most 3D applications, and there are numerous tutorials available how to export it, i.e. from Blender (which is free).

It’s not overly hard to read, but I would suggest to use a Slicer software to convert the STL to a number of bitmaps, represent the single layers. From there you would have to convert to a 3D xyzzy grid.

Anyway, there should be much better ways to create a 3D particle cloud directly from 3D applications without the detour of using STL.

Hope it helps